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In 2000, Seiji Ozawa founded the Music Academy (formerly Seiji Ozawa Ongaku-juku) with the goal of nurturing young musicians through opera. One of Ozawa's mentors, Maestro von Karajan, used to say, "Symphony and opera are the two inseparable supports of music." Ozawa made this his philosophy and puts it into practice once a year with the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy. The Seiji Ozawa Music Academy has so far held 13 performances, featuring 9 opera productions and 1 symphony orchestra.


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Due to personal reasons, Rod Gilfry is not able to perform the role of Dr.Falke. He will be replaced by Zachary Nelson.


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Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XIV
J.Strauss II: Die Fledermaus
Japan tour to begin on Feb 18, 2016!

Seiji Ozawa Music Academy is happy to announce its 14th opera project. This year as always the young talented musicians selected through auditions held both in Japan and the overseas, will under the guidance of artistic director Seiji Ozawa and the musicians of Saito Kinen Orchestra among others, present the results of their study in an opera performance. Along with world leading professional stage directors, producers and opera singers, the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy will in year 2016 perform Johann Strauss II’s Operetta “Die Fledermaus”, the opera performance already shown as a part of the Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project in year 2003 and 2008. This time the production is a classic presentation borrowed from Metropolitan Opera (MET), delivered by producer Otto Schenk for the first time in year 1986. This MET production is a well-known of sumptuous sets and costumes which are said to evoke the original flavor of Vienna and the Viennese operetta tradition of late 19th century to its fullest.
The Japan tour will start from yet-to-be open ROHM Theatre Kyoto, with the first performance to be held on Feb 18, 2016. All the performances conducted by Seiji Ozawa and Toshiaki Murakami.

Tickets go on sale Dec 19, 2015.
For details on the program and ticket purchase, please see here.


Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Opera Project XIV – “Die Fledermaus”
Opera for Children Performace to be held in Kyoto!

Seiji Ozawa Music Academy will for the first time deliver a special opera perfromance to elementary school students of Kyoto. The production will be the same as the production of the original opera performance intended for general public, but will adapt its staging to young children audience so as they could easier understand and experience the joy of live opera.

Date: Feb 15, 2016 (Mon) 11:00 / 14:00
Place: ROHM Theatre Kyoto Main Hall
*In German, with Japanese supertitles
*Intended for primary school students of Kyoto (close to general public/ entry free of charge)
*Performed by cover cast of the original performance.

Artistic Director / Commentary: Seiji Ozawa
Conductor: Toshiaki Murakami
Director: David Kneuss
Orchestra: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Orchestra
Chorus: Seiji Ozawa Music Academy Choir

Organized by:
Kyoto City, ROHM Theatre Kyoto (Kyoto City Music Art Cultural Promoting Foundation)
Seiji Ozawa Music Academy / Veroza Japan
Co-organized by: Rohm Music Foundation
Sponsored by: ROHM Co., Ltd.
Supported by: The Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal year 2015
Produced by: Veroza Japan

For further details, please visit ROHM Kyoto Theatre official website.


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